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Naviguer Immigration and Business Solutions (NIBS) also has parent company in India with the name of Naviguer Education Pvt. Ltd. We are immigration, education, and marketing specialist firm working in this field since 2008.

The founders, Aatish Pathak and Shveta Khosla Pathak, of the companies were started this business in small town Mahilpur, district Hoshiarpur in Punjab, India. Previously Naviguer was known by the name of Home Overseas. Founder’s handwork and dedication to work took Naviguer to the heights of success.

Naviguer is the French world, and its meaning in English is navigator or navigation. The pendulum/device, which the sailors are using during their journey in oceans to judge and confirm the right directions towards their destination. We also guiding the right direction to our customers with competitive and wise advise.

Company History


Foundation of Home Overseas by Aatish Pathak and Shveta Khosla Pathak

In year 2008, Aatish Pathak and Shveta Khosla Pathak had started a company with name Home Overseas in the small town, Mahilpur, district Hoshiarpur Punjab. The business nature of this company was education, where IELTS coshing and English speaking classes were running. Because of the overwhelming response from the student, in year 2009, they had introduced the products of student visa, tourist visa, permanent residency and small computer course. Home Overseas was the first a few companies in Punjab who was doing permanent residency program by its own without the help of any other third party supplier. It was the only company in Punjab who launch the product of Denmark Green Card program with very competitive knowledge. Beside of this, Home Overseas was doing all the above said programs for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Schengen, and Europe Union.

During this time, we became the specialist in the business of permanent residency programs for Canada and Australia. Home Overseas was the only company in North India who had launched the product of Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) in year 2012. Without caring the industrial criticism for this product, we did awesome and apply more than 150 applications with so many success stories. Market was criticizing us that the knowledge in French Language was required for this program which was not true and we proved ourselves with so many PR approvals in QSWP program individually.


Launch of Naviguer Education Private Limited and the merge of Home Overseas

In September 22nd, 2014, Aatish Pathak and Shveta Khosla Pathak had launched a new company in Hoshiarpur city. The old company merge in the new one. The nature of the business was same like Home Overseas. Until 2014, Naviguer has widespread its in India and Nepal. We have a lot of business associates form this interstate: Chandigarh, Haryana,  New Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kerla, Madhya Pradesh, and so on. In Nepal, we have strong establishment with the help of our associates in Kathmandu and Biratnagar.

Naviguer has tie-ups with so many colleges and universities worldwide. We recruit and got approved visas of so many students and still going on. We have a lot of success stories of families who settled permanently in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark.


Foundation of Naviguer Immigration and Business Solutions in Ontario, Canada

In year 2019, Aatish Pathak and Shveta Khosla Pathak, who became permanent residents of Canada in year 2018, had started an incorporation company with name Naviguer Immigration and Business Solution Inc. in Brampton, ON, Canada. The business nature of this company is same like Naviguer Education Pvt. Ltd. as this company is the parent concern of India office. The additional programs we introduced with this company are immigration, refugee, work permit, live-in care program, marketing for colleges and universities in Canada. We will spread the business of college/universities product marketing in other countries, too.

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